1936 DeSoto Airflow
1936 DeSoto AirflowThe 1936 Airflow was DeSoto's third and final model of the trend-setting Airflow.

The lavish Airflow brochure from which this elegant pair were drawn declared, "America's most beautiful car? Ten years ago, perhaps, few would have thought so. For minds were hitched to meaningless convention. Radiators must be narrow . . . so people thought . . . to 'cut the air.' Headlights, searchlights, horns, rear view mirrors, fenders . . . and dozens of other parts were considered to be seperate entities. They were hung on the outside of the car . . . because they always had been. Some cars were made long and raking, to look fast. Then inquiring minds began to doubt. Bodies in motion, they found, conform to certain basic laws. And when obeyed, these laws permit not only breathless speed . . . but new and simpler beauty!"

Good DeSoto, always smart in more ways than one.

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