Wood You Say Yes?

motor meme
Salesman: “Chrysler has Unibody construction. Your current Lincoln is made of Lincoln Logs.” 1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.

This image is a video still from Chrysler’s 1976 ad campaign. Watch the full commercial now from YouTube:

Port Out, Starboard Home.

motor meme
With the addition of portholes, the new Lincoln failed to meet maritime safety standards; it did not provide lifeboats for all. 1976 Lincoln Continental Town Car.

Howdy, Pilgrim!

motor meme
After Rebecca Nurse bought the Continental, all of Salem knew she must be a witch. 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Bill Blass.

Cheap Shot

motor meme
He: “Why did you sell the Lincoln?”
He: “The head was shot.” 1976 Plymouth Valiant.

Gotta Hunch?

motor meme
Car: “The mean kids called me Igor because of my hump.” 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV.
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