About Duricy

It takes a serious historian to build a website this glib. Dave Duricy has pursued automotive history since he began his professional writing career in 1985. He was 15 and hadn’t yet driven a car. Since then, Duricy has exploded the myth of the supercharged, 1953 Eldorado prototype, unmasked the builder of the mighty Meisenhelder roadster, and found the booty hidden beneath the bodacious bustle of the 1981 Imperial.

For Duricy, the automobile is the ultimate artifact. His histories included the historical context of automobiles, which allows cars to tell the stories of their times as well as the stories about the cars themselves. This approach has made Duricy unusual among contemporary automotive writers.

Duricy’s work most often appears in Collectible Automobile magazine. Readers can search the Collectible Automobile index and order back issues containing Duricy’s articles. The silliness of Duricy’s Motor Memes, however, can be found only here.

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