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Advertising Art

ENTER - From 1928 through 1960, DeSoto produced a wide variety of extraordinary print media. Dealer brochures, magazine advertisements and even billboards proclaimed the smart glamour of DeSoto ownership. Select "ENTER" to view this colorful, growing collection of DeSoto Advertising Art.

Area "EX"

ENTER - Halt! You are about to view experimental DeSotos not intended for public consumption. No cameras allowed. Remove all metal jewlery. Wear hardhat and protective goggles. You may encounter: Low Gravity, Altered Time, Temperature Extremes, Radiation, and Sharp Objects. Please, stay with the group. DeSotoland cannot be held responsible for personal injury, lost or damaged property.

DeSmall Ones

DeSmall 1955 PromoENTER - DeSotolander Brad Leisure introduces you to the wonderdful world of DeSmall DeSotos, vintage toys and models made in the image of DeSoto cars. DeSmall Ones Gallery features eighteen pages of beautiful toy photography.


A I R F L O W :  T H E   M O V I E
1936 Airflow sedan. WATCH - The 1936 Airflow DeSoto was the final and most elegant edition of the Thirties' singly futuristic automobile. Scientific weight distribution, unitized construction, cab-forward cabin placement, and functional streamlined styling were just a few of the Airflow forward looking virtues. For '36, DeSoto added the most opulent interior it had ever devised, and an ad compaign that looked brightly towards tomorrow.

This streaming RealMedia presentation features "You've Got to be Modernistic" performed by Clarence Williams and his Jazz Kings. DeSotoland thanks Dismuke of DISMUKE.ORG for use of this toe-tapping tune. Modern music for a modern car.

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H I G H W A Y  T O  L O V E
1950 DeSoto Grille. WATCH - The beautiful 1950 DeSoto is the most popular DeSoto ever constructed. For model year 1950, DeSoto built 133,854 cars, out-selling Hudson, Cadillac, Kaiser and Frazer.

This exhibit is a RealMedia streaming slideshow designed to introduce you to the grace and wonder of the 1950 DeSoto. The images are pulled from original DeSoto literature. The music is from an actual 78 rpm Capitol record featuring "Highway to Love" sung by The Pied Pipers with the Paul Weston Orchestra.

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P O W E R M A S T E R  S I X  R E A L A U D I O
1950 Powermaster 6.LISTEN - From its cradle of Floating Power behind twenty-eight chrome bars, the mighty 1950 DeSoto Powermaster Six sounds a menacing growl. The motor boasts a heritage dating back to 1928, when its ancestor propelled the 1929 DeSoto to success. The Six remained a DeSoto hallmark through 1954.

This version of the engine produces 112 horse power at 3,600 RPM. The high-compression L-head has a ratio of 7.0 to 1. The pistons are alluminum alloy and displace 236.7 cubic inches. The valves are Silchrome steel. Naturually, the exhaust valves have tough, alloy seat inserts. There are seven counterweights and four main bearings. Lubrication is full pressure.

The DeSoto engine, Reliable, Powerful, Durable.*

* Ross Roy Data Book 1950 DeSoto. Get the RealPlayer.

Photo Features

1 9 5 3  D E S O T O  F I R E D O M E
S E E the beautiful FireDome convertible that graced the auction grounds of the 2001 Kruse Auction in Auburn, Indiana. Dazzling wire wheels, smart continental kit, and bright yellow paint.