DeSitizens Survey
DeSitizens Survey Results
Thank you for completing the DeSotoland DeSitizens Survey. You are welcome to view the current results in the chart below.

1. Do you visit DeSotoland primarily from:
Place of Work:  $%a1;% $a1;
Home:  $%a2;% $a2;
Public Access:  $%a3;% $a3;
A Mobile Device:  $%a4;% $a4;
Don't Know:  $%a5;% $a5;
2. When you visit DeSotoland, is your connection to the Internet:
14K Dial-up:  $%b1;% $b1;
28K Dial-up:  $%b2;% $b2;
56K Dial-up:  $%b3;% $b3;
ADSL:  $%b4;% $b4;
Cable (TV) Modem:  $%b5;% $b5;
Other:  $%b6;% $b6;
Don't Know:  $%b7;% $b7;
3. Is your web browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:  $%c1;% $c1;
Netscape Navigator/Communicator:  $%c2;% $c2;
WebTV:  $%c3;% $c3;
Other:  $%c4;% $c4;
Don't Know:  $%c5;% $c5;
4. When you visit DeSotoland, is your computer screen resolution:
640 X 480:  $%d1;% $d1;
800 X 600:  $%d2;% $d2;
1024 X 768:  $%d3;% $d3;
1152 X 864:  $%d4;% $d4;
1280 X 1024:  $%d5;% $d5;
1600 X 1200:  $%d6;% $d6;
Other:  $%d7;% $d7;
Don't Know:  $%d8;% $d8;
5. Do you have your own webpage:
Yes:  $%e1;% $e1;
No:  $%e2;% $e2;
6. Can you scan your own photographs:
Yes:  $%f1;% $f1;
No:  $%f2;% $f2;
7. Have you ever listened to music or viewed a movie over the Internet:
Yes:  $%g1;% $g1;
No:  $%g2;% $g2;
8. Is your favorite DeSoto decade the:
Twenties:  $%h1;% $h1;
Thirties:  $%h2;% $h2;
Forties:  $%h3;% $h3;
Fifties:  $%h4;% $h4;
Sixties:  $%h5;% $h5;
All of the Above:  $%h6;% $h6;
9. Do you own a DeSoto:
Yes:  $%i1;% $i1;
No:  $%i2;% $i2;
10. Do you belong to a conventional antique car club:
Yes:  $%j1;% $j1;
No:  $%j2;% $j2;
11. You most would like to see DeSotoland have:
Classified Ads:  $%k1;% $k1;
Pictures of Members' DeSotos:  $%k2;% $k2;
A Calendar of Events:  $%k3;% $k3;
T-Shirts:  $%k4;% $k4;
An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet:  $%k5;% $k5;
12. Have you registered to use DeSotoland member services:
Yes:  $%l1;% $l1;
No:  $%l2;% $l2;
Total: $tot;