Frequently Asked Questions.
F. A. Q. - DeSotoland Brain-Bogglers Solved

About the DeSpatch

1. The DeSpatch isn't accepting my username and password. Why?

a) Your registration hasn't been approved. Only after you receive a DeSotoland notice with the subject "Registration Approved" will your username and password work. Not all applications are accepted. DeSotoland reserves the right to reject any application.


b) You are mis-typing your username and password. DeSpatch usernames and passwords must be typed exactly as you chose them when you applied. That goes for capitalization as well as spelling! To the server, "password" is different from "PaSSword."

2. I've forgotten my password. Would you remind me?

Yes. Use DeMail to send your request for a reminder.

3. Can the DeSpatch notify me when new messages are posted?

Yes. Choose "(Un)Subscribe" from the DeSpatch menu bar to add yourself to the DeSpatch mailing list. When a new message is posted, you'll be among the first to know! You can remove yourself from the list at any time.

4. My DeSpatch message was rejected for "naughty language." What did I say that was so bad?

The DeSpatch automatically rejects messages containing references to selected DeSoto organizations. If you represent a DeSoto organization that is interested in utilizing DeSotoland services, please contact Dave Duricy for arrangements.

5. What's a user profile?

A user profile is a brief description of yourself and your DeSoto.

6. Why can't I post my user profile?

DeSotolanders can post a profile only after posting a message to the DeSpatch proper.

About DeSotos

1. How much is my DeSoto worth?

Please see the Out-Bound Links section of DeSotoland for a list of online price guides.

2. Where can I find parts for my DeSoto?

Please see the Out-Bound Links section of DeSotoland for a list of parts sources.

3. How many of my DeSoto were built?

Visit your local book store or library for a copy of "Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1924 - 1990" from Krause Publications.

4. How many of my DeSoto are left?

No one knows for certain.

5. I think my DeSoto may be rare, may I ask you for information about it?

Sure. Use DeMail to tell me about your DeSoto.

About DeSotoland

1. What club does DeSotoland represent?

None. DeSotoland stands alone.

2. Who's behind all this?

Dave Duricy

About Dave Duricy

1. Hey, don't I know your name from somewhere?

Probably. I have been writing for the old car hobby since 1986 and had served with distinction in a traditional DeSoto club from 1993 through 2000.