The DeSotoland DeSpatch.
DeSpatch - The DeSoto Enthusiast's On-line Meeting Place
The DeSpatch is an online forum for the discussion, exploration, admiration and support of the DeSoto automobile built by Chrysler Corporation. DeSoto enthusiasts are encouraged to participate with their questions, answers, comments and boasts about DeSotos. It's delightful!

Using The DeSpatch, you can share a photo of your DeSoto, invite fellow DeSoto enthusiasts to your DeSoto Web page, and make friends with DeSoto admirers around the world. It's de-lovely!

To read and post to The DeSpatch, you must register. There is no charge; simply read the Decorum, and, if you agree to it, fill out the form. Soon, you'll have access to an entirely new world of DeSoto. It's DeSpatch!

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  1. Discuss, ask questions, and offer assistance regarding DeSoto automobiles.
  2. Be polite. If you find yourself writing in anger, don't post to The DeSpatch; take heated debates to private e-mail.
  3. Never post copyrighted material to The DeSpatch. For example, it would be inappropriate to copy an entire article from Collectible Automobile and post it to The DeSpatch.
  4. Individuals with a DeSoto or DeSoto parts for sale may mention their car or parts in The DeSpatch. Buyers and sellers interact at their own risk.
  5. Participate with the understanding that you are ultimately responsible for your words and actions.

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