The Ballistic Chrysler

It was May of 1945. Germany was collapsing. Magnus von Braun bicycled from the village of Oberjoch in the Bavarian Alps towards the advancing U. S. Army. Magnus had a message; a group of German rocketeers wanted to give America the moon. Using broken English, Magnus surrendered himself, his brother Wernher von Braun, and members …

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A favorite old snapshot of mine I call "Distrubia". I took this photo from a moving car while going north on 27 in Indiana heading for the Auburn, Cord Duesneberg Festival. The car is a 1965 #Dodge Coronet 440. #Olympus A post shared by Dave Duricy (@daveduricy) on Jul 10, 2018 at 10:11am PDT

Hamilton Photographic

Have you noticed the Hamilton Photographic button on the menu? Hamilton, Ohio has some beautiful architecture and landscapes. I’ve photographed the city for years, and I will be sharing my Hamilton photography in Hamilton Photographic. With these photographs, I hope Hamilton can see the beauty it takes for granted, and the quality of life …

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New Highland Park Website

I made the first Highland Park website in 2005. The site was the first time anyone seriously began to collect and share Highland Park history, and to promoted Highland Park as a great place to live. A harddrive failure and a lost backup necessitated rebuilding the site this year. Now the Highland Park website has …

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