A favorite old snapshot of mine I call "Distrubia". I took this photo from a moving car while going north on 27 in Indiana heading for the Auburn, Cord Duesneberg Festival. The car is a 1965 #Dodge Coronet 440. #Olympus A post shared by Dave Duricy (@daveduricy) on Jul 10, 2018 at 10:11am PDT

Hamilton Photographic

Have you noticed the Hamilton Photographic button on the Duricy.com menu? Hamilton, Ohio has some beautiful architecture and landscapes. I’ve photographed the city for years, and I will be sharing my Hamilton photography in Hamilton Photographic. With these photographs, I hope Hamilton can see the beauty it takes for granted, and the quality of life …

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New Highland Park Website

I made the first Highland Park website in 2005. The site was the first time anyone seriously began to collect and share Highland Park history, and to promoted Highland Park as a great place to live. A harddrive failure and a lost backup necessitated rebuilding the site this year. Now the Highland Park website has …

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