Happy Thanksgiving

He: “Why all this fuss over pilgrims? DeSoto was here eighty years earlier!”
She: “Please DO NOT bring this up at the table. You know how Mother feels about papists.” 1929 DeSoto.

An Ear Full

He: “What’s the matter?”
She: “Oh, nothing. I picked up an ear worm on Ceti Alpha V.” 1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville.

The Trump Room

She: “I gather by the gigantic Chrysler parked in the middle of the room that Trump is back.”
He: “It’s an Imperial ma’am. Calling it a Chrysler makes Melania turn into She-Hulk.” 1959 Imperial LeBaron Southampton.

You’re Fired

She: “I just lost my job at Twitter! How will I survive?”
He: “You’ll be fine. You have 3 months severance and a Women’s Studies degree.” 1965 Ford Thunderbird Special Landau.
Duricy's Motor Memes