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A Place Worth Being:
Where Highland Park Is

by Dave Duricy

Map of Highland Park, Hamilton, Ohio.Look at any map of Hamilton, Ohio, and the concentric arched avenues of Highland, Lawn, Helma, and Lawrence immediately identify Highland Park. Angled at a stylish slant between Eaton Avenue and Main Street and dotted by triangular parks, the Highland Park street plan resembles no other Hamilton neighborhood.

When new in 1930, Highland Park was a sliver two blocks wide and eight streets deep running east and west between Highland and Cereal Avenues. Dick, Haldimand, Marcia, Emerson, Haven, Lawn, Park, Armo, and McKinley Avenues completed the Highland Park grid. Interestingly, the land south of Cereal, where Highland Park's distinctive Great Oak and Virginia Park divide Marcia and Virginia Avenues, was called Lawn Park.

Other obsolete subdivision names that make up the present day Highland Park are: Lawn View and Elm Park. See map at right for their approximate locations.

Today, two Highland Park borders are marked approximately by neighborhood signs: one at the intersection of Rhea, Dick and Virginia Avenues at the southern end of Highland Park, and the second at the intersection of Park, Cereal and Haldimand Avenues. Two Mile Creek marks the natural end of Highland Park to the north. The eastern border runs variously along the Dick Avenue alley and Eaton Avenue itself.

Robert Brown at the corner of Dick and Haldimand Avenues.Highland Park's location is distinctive for it's unique ability to both distance itself from the outside world, and yet be astonishingly convenient.

Highland Park is located a comfortable two miles from downtown Hamilton, three miles from the Rt. 129 and I-75 connector, 15 miles from Oxford, Ohio and 30 miles from downtown Cincinnati.

Fort Hamilton Hospital is within walking distance of every Highland Park home, so are Flub's Dari-ette, Milillo's Pizza, the Ross Bakery, Filmore Elementary School, Wilson Middle School, and the Town & Country Shopping center. Local movie theaters, restaurants, and multiple grocery stores are all within a five to ten minute drive of Highland Park.

For an interactive view of Highland Park, please consult this Google Map. Try the "Satellite" option. Visit the "A Place Worth Being" gallery to explore what defines Highland Park as a place in space, time and mind.

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